Here's to 2018 and goodbye to Injury!!

I was asked recently, what were my New Years Resolutions for 2018. It made me consider last year first .......................

It seems that my intention (not quite a resolution)  last year was to write more, amongst other things this blog.  So I finish with a third post that may be of help to those frustrated by  injury and  with better intentions for 2018 blogs

A small, yet very painful,  shoulder injury (tendonitis) scuppered  my personal  fitness challenges. Excellent NHS care and physio kept me working.  I was a very good patient and combined with my own knowledge evolved exercise solutions which I share below


REST:  yes I know, I have said to keep going, but most of the time you need to rest the injured area.

DO YOUR EXERCISES as prescribed - this is key

PAIN RELIEF WHEN REQUIRED  under the advice of your doctor, pharmacist or physio - crucial to allowing you to sleep, move and not have a constant scowl on your face

GET A MASSAGE - sports and just a relaxing one too. Locally I recommend Recommend Julia Hazlewood (works from the Abbey Clinic and privately) and Sunrise Beauty Marlow - Swedish Massage,  always excellent whoever the practitioner.

MAINTAIN FULL RANGE OF MOVEMENT WHERE POSSIBLE there were times when to circle my shoulder in its full range of movement was excruciating but doing this slowly and carefully enabled me to keep an almost full range of movement - always seek advice of physio for your own situation and injury in relation to this.

YOGA - avoid all down dog positions and anything that takes the weight of your upper body.  This is challenging and requires both the sympathy of the teacher and most importantly some blocks to support you and enable you to continue some sort of practise. And when the physio says no Yoga, obey.  And BREATHE in a yogic fashion to calm the nervous system.

BOOTCAMP, CIRCUITS AND FLOOR WORK IN ETM CLASSES - if you must persist then no weight taking at all. NO added weights (use your resistance band to do your prescribed physio exercises whilst the rest of the class use weights or balls). The squat and lunge is your boring but constant companion. HIIT is also great mix and match the exercises you can do for a burst of high powered exercise that doesn't take long at all!

TRY:  30 secs effort and 30 secs recovery or 40 secs work and 20 secs recovery on better days = 15 - 20 minutes is all it takes - Joe Wicks, The Body Coach really does have it sewn up!! 

HIIT & CARDIO:  high knees,  squats with jumps, lunges forwards and back, jog on the spot,  (avoid burpees, Mountain Climbers etc)  ABS:  planks (see below) crunches - working from the lower end of the body is good. Obliques, knees bent feet on floor tip legs to one side and do your curl up from the centre (avoids having to twist at the shoulder). Repeat other side.

PLANKS - can be adapted by keeping lower half of legs on the floor - thus decreasing the load into the shoulders, a pretty decent plank can be achieved like this.  It is also a great way to get into planks if you are beginning.  

RUNNING - no good for me - every beat on the floor pulsated pain through my shoulder and arm!!

CYCLING - in moderation this was good, and spinning, in particular was helpful - just don't press into those handlebars.

WALKING AND DANCING - both of these were fabulous for me

Happy New Year to you all from all the team at JDFD and look forward to seeing you in our classes in January - we have Dance &  Yoga to get you started  x

A lovely ride  through Southern Germany July 2017

A lovely ride  through Southern Germany July 2017