Congratulations to All Performers

Congratulations to everyone involved in the JDFD annual performance yesterday.  I was so excited to watch both performances (from the back of the theatre for a change) - such a treat!!  I watched each and every performer (of every age!!) give their very best performance.  From all the lovely comments and emails already received (thank you) it is clear it is our most successful show to date.  So proud of all, special shout out to Natasha Graul, Jacqui Morris, Wendy Beckett, Mark Hartley and Rhys Cockburn and of course each and every chaperone who helped us.  The children simply could not be a part of this without you and you are very much appreciated.  We will be  accepting new pupils into all our classes from next week so if your kids have enjoyed themselves do tell all your friends!!!  p.s.  The video will be on you tube very soon - will ensure you get the link if you didnt quite believe those Daddies!!  Have a lovely relaxing Sunday everyone. X