YOUTH MOVES MINI'S - Join in the fun

Youth Moves Minis is a fun and creative movement and dance class for boys and girls.
Our aim is to develop physical and social skills,confidence and creativity, and basic dance skills. This can start with as little as learning to hold hands, engage with other class members and simple clapping, to eventually being able to create a story with movement, follow short dance routines and work as part of a group.
The lessons are planned with a theme and change every 3 weeks. This enables the child to become familiar and confident with the work and therefore fun for them so they can build upon their skills each week.
Mondays 10.30 - 11.15   from walking upwards with adult
Tuesdays 1.45 - 2.30 - ages 3 - 5 - solo    (mums can stay and watch if they like)
All at Marlow Youth Centre,   Wycombe Road, Marlow