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Our teenage class for girls and boys - Dance Crew meet on THURSDAYS at Holy Trinity School in Marlow.   

The aim of the class is to have fun whilst improving stamina, flexibility and strength in a non-competitive and socially inclusive environment.

A mix of Street, Commercial, Fitness and Aerobic dance we also encompass many other dance styles, including lyrical, Jazz and Creative.  The routines are current, energetic and fun.

Dance Crew have an opportunity to shine at our annual dance show in early May.

along the way students learn about choreography meaning the class can be complimentary to GCSEor A-Level studies, particularly when taken alongside Project Dance.

All classes are payable by the term in advance.


- Booking for September term - classes commence week beg 16th September

Thursdays (Term Time) HOLY TRINITY, MARLOW

  • 6.15 – 7.15 THURSDAYS (school yrs 7 – 13 ages 11 – 18 )